Adult Knitting or Baby Knitting Patterns Handmade Yarn Buttons is the Ultimate Accessory
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Adult Knitting or Baby Knitting Patterns Handmade Yarn Buttons is the Ultimate Accessory

There is simply no way you should put a plastic button on your gorgeous knitted sweater or baby knitting pattern. Learn to make your own yarn buttons to go with your knitting.

I love knitting and I really love knitting baby patterns because you get such quick gratification. I like that. I have a lot of stress and little time in my life so quick gratification really appeals to me. Now does that mean I don't like knitting adult patterns too? Of course not. But it is a project that might go on for years before it is finished.

Another great thing about small patterns is that they can go with you, extremely portable. Another huge bonus. But there is a problem that I have come across that I found the solution to in a magazine years ago, and I only just recently ran across it again at Knitting Daily. It is not having the right buttons for your project.

When you make a cute knit something or other for you or the baby, you want matching buttons. For years I would go to the fabric store and pick out some cute bunny buttons or duck buttons or whatever would match the color of the item knitted but it always felt incomplete. It wasn't special. It didn't match the yarn.

You know some of the yarns are extremely fun and fanciful or soft and fuzzy or so beautiful that if you put a plastic duck button with it...well, it's just wrong.

So like I said, years ago a knitting magazine, I don't remember which one, taught me how to make yarn buttons that perfectly match what you have just made. It is the coolest thing.

It is not difficult and it only requires cardboard, sizzors, cut lengths of your yarn and a tapestry needle. I will include a link to the Knitting Daily article that I found more recently so you can have the exact directions. But I have a few tips for you.

You can make the buttons any shape you want, this pattern is only one of many you could do. Just use your imagination. It is only a matter of wrapping the yarn and securing it. Make square, triangle, oblong, hexagonal, round and whatever else shape you could think of .

When you fasten the yarn on the backside of the button, use a dot of glue, It is extremely agravating to have the thing unravel. And babies play with buttons, so you don't want it to come loose and cause any harm.

Then you just fasten it to your knitted item across from your button hole by grabbing a few of the threads with your needle and sewing it with regular thread. That way it will stay flat and not be overly bulky.

Here is the article with pictures so you can get a better idea of how wonderful and creative this idea is. You'll be making your own buttons in no time.

Knitting Daily

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And of course we all make mistakes, but don't struggle, learn to unknit.

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Comments (5)

I never had patience for knitting or crocheting or anything like that, I am surprised I have so much patience for writing lol

Oh, how neat about the buttons - I didn't know we could do that so easily!

Very interesting! I've always wanted to learn this.

I'd be lousy at something like knitting, but your articles are very inspiring!

I think we used to do something like this at infant school, and I am sure my mother made them as well.. but I am a big boy now so I don't have a lot of need for that particular talent lol nevertheless a very interesting article.