Crochet is Easy
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Crochet is Easy

You can teach yourself how to crochet. It is so easy a child can do it.
          I enjoy crochet. It is a great way to keep your hands busy. If you have ever crocheted anything you would know the feeling. I make baby blankets, hats, booties, sweaters, pot holders, purses, and many other items. The baby blankets I make in granny squares. Then I have to connect them. It isn't hard at all. It is very easy.

             My mother first taught me one stitches when I was nine years old. I have taught  myself the rest with books. The first blanket I tried to make turned out wrong. One side slanted in the other side was just fine. I love the big fat balls of yarn. I get to make three or four baby blankets with three big balls of yarn. I enjoy learning new patterns. It really is great to work with different types of yarn. To be able to make so many different things.

               I made both my kids their first baby blankets. My little girl always ask me to make her a hat. She has to have a hat in every color. When my son was four years old I made him a sweater. I worked on it all day at work. Good thing I worked in a small gas station and wasn't that busy. The first one I had ever made. He went to sleep waring it. He would not take it off for the world.  He showed it to every body. "My mommy made this for me." he would say. We had to take it off him while he was asleep because he was just to hot.

              My little girl is five and I am going to be teaching her how to crochet soon. She is always asking me to teach her how to crochet. Just like mommy. For her first project I'll be teaching her how to crochet a wash cloth. It is small and she can use it everyday. That is the best part of it all. You make it with your own two hands and then you get to use it. She will be asking me to teach her how to do something else after that.

             People tell me it takes patience and they just don't have it. I don't feel I have patience ether. But I can't go to long without crocheting something. I have to be crocheting something almost every day. I think the longest I have gone with out crocheting was a month. I would some day love to teach people how to crochet. It really is a good stress reliever. It can relax you.

               Being able to read the patterns are the hardest part. I sagest you write it out long hand before you start. Trying to read a pattern is like trying to read a foreign languish. You are not going to be able to understand it. I have been asked if I know how to read a pattern. I said yes and then she asked me to read it slowly so she can do it while I read it to her. It really surprised me because she is more experience then me. She did give me alot of old patterns. Oh I was in heaven. To be a crafter and then get hold of old patterns that has long past. People today loves being able to find patterns from way back when.

                There is easy, medium, and hard. I can't do hard yet. I will be one day.

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Comments (4)

I love to crochet too. Easy medium or hard, I just like the pattern to hold my attention. Great first article. Welcome to factoidz.

I tried to teach myself how to crochet but I could not figure it out. I wish I knew someone that lived nearby who can give me a hands on lesson. I think I would do better if I was shown exactly what I was doing wrong.

I've seen people doing crochet, but I don't know how to do one. Could you direct me to links where I can learn crochet?

Voted up. Great