Knitted Lace Curtains
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Knitted Lace Curtains

Knit lace curtains for your home! With the right yarn and the right lace pattern, you can make beautiful, heirloom lace curtains for any room in your home and give it that old fashioned, romantic look. Knitting lace isn't as hard as it seems, so give it a try and see what you can do.

Why not make something gorgeous for your home? Lace isn't as hard to knit as it looks and lace curtains can give a room an air of romance or old fashioned comfort.

A few things you need to know before you start:

  • Knitted lace should be pressed when it's finished and pressing it will make it wider and longer than it is on the needle. Plan on at least a third larger measurement when it's finished.
  • Use light weight yarn for long or wide windows to avoid curtains that are too heavy for hardwear to support.
  • Making curtains requires a time commitment. Even for even small windows may take some time to complete depending on the pattern.

To make lace curtains, first take the measurements of the windows you want to make them for. Double the width for a full, luxurious look and measure the length carefully, keeping in mind that they will be pressed.

After you have the measurements figured, decide on the yarn. Heavy yarn will be hard to work with for most lace stitches. The color will make a definite difference in how the lace is displayed. Light colored lace curtains won't show up well against a light background. Take the outside into account. If you have a window that opens to an open, airy space, darker or brighter colors might show off the lace better, but if you have shades behind your windows or a lot of shade, a light color will show off your work better.

Now that you have the yarn, you can work a swatch to see how many stitches you will need to make your curtain the right size. For this project, the stitches required will be approximate.

Color, yarn, size and stitch requirements all in order?

It's time to find the right pattern. There are many lace patterns, but they're all basically made with the same stitches. Knit, purl, yarn over, knit two together, knit one, slip one, pass the knit stitch over... it's all fairly simple.

What makes a lace pattern complicated is the long lines and the repeats. Counting stitichs and repeats can become confusing in a long line of instructions. Since you're going to be using this pattern over and over in the course of making curtains, choose a simple pattern. A simple pattern repeated many times can be charming.

If you can find a pattern that you can memorize after a few times, so much the better. It will make things move along much faster and you don't have to carry a pattern along with you everywhere you knit. You will also need a pattern that more or less suits your stitch count need. A few stitches more or less won't matter, but try to stay withina few stitches for the best fit. Don't forget that one stitch multiplied by twenty pattern repeats will get you twenty stitches per row! Twenty stitches may not matter that much, but if you multiply three or four stitches by twenty you may have a problem, so choose your lace pattern carefully.

You can find lace patterns on the internet or get a book at the library. You can photocopy a pattern for your own use without breaking any copyright laws.

Once you've found the pattern and have the yarn on hand, settle back and start knitting. If it doesn't come out the way you anticipated, either rip it out and start over or decide to go with it the way it is.

Either way, you'll have a pair of heirloom lace curtains you can be proud to display!

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Comments (3)

I fully agree this lace curtain look is quite lovely. I did this some time ago to the delight of a climbing kitty I had.

There is nothing like a set of lace curtains.  Such a simple, yet detailed article on this homey touch in home improvement.

Thanks, both of you,

Roberta, I never even thought of climbing kitties!