Macrame Bead Bracelets
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Macrame Bead Bracelets

Macrame bead bracelets,macrame bead making techniques and the cost of macrame bead bracelets

What is macrame?

Macrame is a form of basic weaving where knots are used as decorative as well as binding elements instead of interlacing different strands of material. The friendship bracelets common among children and teenagers are a form of macrame, and this weaving technique can be used for many different things, including woven necklaces, baskets, pot holders, shawls, and more. It is a simple technique to learn. There are many types of macrame bracelets available, and even non-crafty people can easily learn to make their own designs.

Macrame bead bracelets:

Bead bracelets are popular fashion accessories because they can easily be personalized and are suitable for many different wardrobes. Adjustable bracelets, in particular, come in a wide range of designs, depending on two main factors: the cords and the beads.

Macrame designs are easily adjustable because they do not have attached ends like clasp bracelets or bangles. Instead, the ends of the bracelet strap are left open so the wearer can adjust the size to fit their wrist. To keep the ends from fraying, they may have a final knot, dab of glue, or beaded cap in place. Some adjustable macrame bead bracelets may use overlapping cords that result in a double cord along the back (non-decorated) part of the bracelet – the size can then be modified by changing what amount of cord is doubled through a slip knot or loop in the weaving.

 Macrame beads:

Macrame beads come in all shapes and sizes, and are very common, particularly in jewelry. But many are not suitable, due to the fact they have small openings in them. In some patterns, the holes in the beads need to be large enough for at least two strands to pass through. For example, if the cord is 4mm thick, the opening would need to be 8mm in diameter, which is a pretty large bead.

Beading techniques:

Technique #1: Thread the cord through the hole in the bead. Make a tight Barrel Knot, and pass it back through the hole. If the hole is large enough for the knot to slip through, tie a different type of knot, such as a Button Knot. Cut the remainder of the cord close to the Macrame bead and apply a small amount of glue inside the opening, if possible.

Technique #2: If the hole is too small to accommodate two cords, cut the remainder close to the knot. Then apply glue so it won’t come loose.

Cost of macrame Bead bracelets:

Many online retailers offer macrame bead bracelets in a range of colors and styles using different cords, beads, and configurations. Bracelets often cost under $10 even for elaborate designs, and many styles are available for $5 or less.Because macrame is an easy craft to learn, it is possible to create handmade bracelets in next to no time with only simple materials. The cost of a project is often only one or two dollars, and the personal investment will make it even more meaningful.

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