Knitting & Crocheting Forum & FAQ
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Knitting & Crocheting Forum & FAQ

Last answer by janeah cruz 72 months ago +0 votes:
Since Christmas is fast approaching Santa socks would be a great idea. Pillows are also great as the shape is not complicated for children to make. Pre-made kits are also available for children. However, constant guidance throughout the process is advisable.  Creative Photo Albums more
Last answer by Linda 74 months ago +0 votes:
These can be found, or gotten, through good yarn stores, not the chain ones as they do not do special orders for things they do not usually carry, so stay away from Michaels, or hobby lobby. I have seen a few on e-bay, but that is not something you can see up close. They come in a variety of sizes from the small ones that are the size of a spool of thread, to larger ones that bigger than a yogurt ... more
Last answer by Linda 74 months ago +0 votes:
Perhaps if you discribed the item or added a picture of it we could help. more
Last answer by Christine Marie 77 months ago +0 votes:
I would suggest checking out your local Target store. I know I have seen a number of newborn size babies there and you are sure to find them at a low price when you are at Target. more
Last answer by Kris Ruddy 98 months ago +0 votes:
Are you needing ideas or specific patterns? Ideas: hats, headbands, scarves, afghans, dish cloths, mittens, gloves, socks, sweaters.  I stick with easy items.  It seems when I have some kind of complicated pattern I make some gigantic mistake and have to rip it out. So, through the years I have learned the easier the better. I gladly leave the difficult ones to those who enjoy the challe... more