What You Need When Beginning To Crochet Knit
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What You Need When Beginning To Crochet Knit

Easy ways to learn knitting and crochet in a systematic manner. Provides useful tips on materials needed, what kind of needles to buy and how to learn.

Knitting and crochet have meditative qualities. Therefore, both crafts have calming and soothing attributes. Learning these crafts can be fun and useful. Here are some tips to help you learn knitting or crochet easily.

What you Will Need:

- Yarn: It is always best to start with a small quantity of yarn when you are learning as it prevents wastage. Once you are more experienced, you can work with larger quantities, such as while making a garment.

- Knitting Needles: Knitting needles are available in various sizes as well as types. A US size 8 knitting needle should suffice when learning the stitches. Apart from the size, there are different types of knitting needles. There are straight needles, which are the most commonly used for simple projects. The circular knitting needles are used for knitting large projects such as shawls. Double-pointed needles are used predominantly for socks as well as all projects with a small circumference. Finally, cable needles are used to make cables, which are twisted stitches that create texture in a knitting project. Knitting needles can be made of wood, steel or plastic. Many seasoned knitters find bamboo knitting needles to be very easy to work with because of the smooth surface.

- Crochet Needles: Crochet needles have a standard shape with a curved point at one end and the other end being straight. The only thing that differs is in the size of the needle and the material used. Crochet needles are available in wood, plastic as well as steel. A crochet hook made of steel or plastic in a 4 mm size should be sufficient for learning.

Learning Tools

- Online: There are several online resources to help you learn the basics of knitting or crochet. Video-sharing sites have videos on how to create  basic knit and purl stitches in the case of knitting as well as how to make single, double or treble stitches in crochet. Once the basic stitches are learned, it is easy to build on them for more advanced techniques and patterns.

- Books: If you are more comfortable with learning from books, there are several books on knitting and crochet. Many local libraries might stock books on knitting and crochet.

- In Person: If you have a family member or relative who knows knitting or crochet then that would be the best way to master the different stitches and techniques. The advantage of learning in person is that you can see firsthand how to make a knit, purl stitch or a single, double or treble crochet stitch. It becomes easier to replicate a stitch and the other person is always there to guide you where there are mistakes.

Once the basic techniques and stitches are learned, it is a good idea to challenge yourself to beginner projects. Dishcloths are great beginner projects that allow you to practice stitches learnt while making a useful object.

Additional resources:

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