Why Everyone Should Learn How to Knit
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Why Everyone Should Learn How to Knit

Why you'll love knitting and what it can do for your life.

I took up knitting about five years ago during my summer break between years at university when I worked only casual jobs and frankly, was getting incredibly bored. My mother had tried to teach me to knit when I was a child but I had lost interest. I read an article on trendy knitting designers in an online magazine and I thought ‘Hey that sounds like something I could try’. I had no idea how much I would grow to love it and the benefits it would have for my lifestyle. Here are a few things I learned about why people should take up knitting.

Knitting is a fantastic stress reliever. To sit down with your project and focus just on your needles can feel very soothing after a stressful day. I find that the repetition of patterns and the concentration required by both your mind and your hands allows you to just focus on your knitting and block out the other things floating around in your mind.

Knitted goods make amazing gifts. Sometimes you have people in your life who you care about but have no idea what to give them. A knitted scarf is a quick, inexpensive and above all very personal gift that anyone will love because you made it. Other great gift ideas include blankets, mittens, place mats, socks and hats. Knitted gifts are especially amazing for Mother’s Day, baby showers, secret Santas and as going away presents.

Knitting can help you lose weight and/or quit smoking. At least it did for me. When I had too much time on my hands at home before, I would pop out for a cigarette or grab a snack just to break up the day. When I took up knitting, however, the time was divided by rows and stitch counting and my hands were always busy. Focusing on the stitches, smoking and snacking didn’t even cross my mind. The more complicated the project, the more this is true. I found sometimes I would even put off grabbing a snack by saying” I’ll just finish this row... okay I’ll just finish this next row”!

Knitting lets you be productive even in your downtime. I always knit when I’m watching TV. In the past, if I watched a few hours of TV I would feel lazy and like I should be doing something more worthwhile with my time. When I’m knitting, however, I feel both productive and very relaxed, just curling up into the couch with my project.

Knitting is actually quite easy to learn and anyone can do it. I actually taught myself knitting using free online videos. I walked into a knit store, bought a ball of cheap wool and needles in the size recommended by the label, went home and simply looked up beginners instructional videos online. There is a video for every stitch question you may have and though it may seem frustrating to get used to the needles at first, as with everything it gets easier with practice. Start with a simple project like a scarf or tea towel and as you move on and wish to find more complicated projects, you’ll find that there are many free patterns available online, or you can buy a pattern book in the store. After some time knitting from patterns you’ll find you already have the skills to design your own knit projects.

Knitting is a relatively inexpensive hobby. Compared to hobbies like model making or even sewing, knitting is quite affordable. All you need is a basic set of needles and then the only cost is the wool. While some wool is expensive, you can buy nice wool at a decent price and often knit shops have great sales. Of course, this depends on the size of the project. You can knit a beautiful scarf for under $10.00 but a blanket will most likely cost upwards of $50.00 for the materials.

Knitting is not limited to scarves and sweaters. This does not have to be your grandmother’s knitting. I’ve made everything from berets to purses to mini-skirts. You can makes dresses, bikinis even underwear, not to mention the various crafts you can create. Knitting no longer applies only to the retired woman sitting in her rocking chair knitting for her grandkids (though good for her too!). People of all ages have started knitting and designing and there are some very cool ideas out there.

There is nothing nicer than someone offering you a great compliment on something you made yourself. Even if it’s a simple scarf, you’ll find people will be impressed by your handmade projects. That is going to feel good and it should. Knitting allows you to take control, be creative and make something for yourself that you can be proud of. Everyone should be able to experience that.

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Comments (6)

Great Points! I learned to knit when my Grandpa became ill and it did really help to pass the time and relieve the stress of long days at the hospitial. I also found some great books at the library on knitting, it is so much more than blankets and scarfs. Thanks for sharing!

Very good points, I now want to start knitting.

It is a great thing to teach kids.

Great article! I love knitting and I totally agree. My college roommate taught me to knit years ago. It's fun to come up with a project, and pick out the yarn, and work on it. Then when it turns out well, it feels so great.

You are so right about this. Knitting is a must in my book.

Great article. I always thought it would be nice to be able to pick my own colors for a scarf or sweater. And losing weight would be a nice bonus!