Wine Cork Gnomes
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Wine Cork Gnomes

little gnomes made with wine corks and some yarn. they are fun, quick and easy

Ok, so these are my little Christmas Gnome dudes but really, they can wear any color and they're good for any season. I'm making some now in red with little bags of candy hearts to give to my sweatheart.

I had some time to kill during a Skype session with a dear friend in the frozen wasteland and saw a cork across the table. The cork belonged to a bottle of Chilean red that I was enjoying as my after dinner "it's almost Christmas, I think I'm done and think it might be time to just enjoy for once" drink. I remembered a knit pattern I'd seen for little elfin Christmas gnomes and thought to myself, "heyyyy, if the knitters can do it, WE can do it!"

I think there is some historical craft with wine corks wearing little crocheted or knitted clothes.

Viola! Enjoy my little dudes:

They are wine corks. I'll confess here, I have a load of wine corks.  I keep thinking I'll make something fabulous out of them.  I've had the brilliant idea to make a cork message board, that'd be cool.  Then I thought I should save more of them and make a cork rug!  That'd be cooler.  Needless to say they're merely filling up a drawer and not being used in any way wisely.  Today though, I used two and they're adorable! 

I used 4ply worsted and an E 3.5mm hook.

The little coat is made with a magic circle,

sc 6 in the center,

dc in each sc to 12sc,

do a row in the back loop only

do 2-3 rows sc in each stitch.

Finish and put it on your little cork gnome. You can make the coat longer of course.

The hat is made by a ch12, join to make a round then sc in each sc around for a couple of rows then begin to decrease a few each row until the hat is long enough.

Attach ribbons, bows, bells, glitter, buttons, whatever your heart desires.


They can be ornaments, decorations or just little dudes who smile at you when you've had a bad day. They will love you always. Crocheted Christmas gnomes are for always.

Make an army of them to protect you and send me some pictures!!


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Comments (2)

These ARE adorable! I have a bag full of corks from trash-picking. Thinking I will borrow your idea for Valentine's Day.

absolutely! and green for st.patricks and ears for easter, oh I have a million... I'll be posting all the other holidays in the week, borrow away!! the more cork gnomes in the world, the BETTER! :)